Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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New Wednesday. New page!
So what makes this fish the prefect fish? We'll find out soon.

I''m starting to regret the whole slow build thing . . . I like this story, and I think this is the best opening for the story . . . but while it's building up to a pay off, I'm thinking for a webcomic it'd be good to have started with a bang. I need to trust my first instinct, I guess.

As usual, I'd love to hear from anyone who is reading.

In the meantime, until next Wednesday, here's another webcomic from a friend of mine. I'm taking a lead from one of my other websites,, which will not do link exchanging. I don't link to things because people link to me (not that anyone is linking to me) but rather I do so because I think it's worth linking to. So check out my friend Eric Merced's webcomic Ouch!, which is a fun sci-fi comedy comic.

~ Ben


Jamie Cosley said...

I really love the water color backgrounds and I'm intrigued :) the little fish with the light reminds me of Nemo......

Ben said...

Thanks, Jamie!

Nemo, eh? Well . . . don't get too attached . . .

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