Updates every Wednesday.

Broken Trident is a webcomic drawn by a writer.

In my quest to be a better writer, I've found that whenever I actually DO the jobs that writers don't normally do (like drawing, lettering, and editing) I actually learn about writing and find myself stretching those writing muscles in different ways.

Bottom line: when I dabble in these other areas, I find myself growing better as a writer.

So, I have no illusion that I am an artist. Haters, don't waste your time. I know I'm not an artist, and if you're just going to point that out to me . . . well, I've already pointed that out to myself.

But . . . I am a storyteller. I love telling stories. And I love learning different ways to tell stories. And that's where Broken Trident comes in. It's a story I wanted to tell, and I surprised myself by actually being able to sort of draw the pictures I saw in my head on paper in a way that almost looks like what I see in my head.

So what can you expect from Broken Trident? It's an underwater fantasy, in the vein of The Dark Crystal or a Miyazaki film. It takes place on a world covered in water and follows some Undinae younglings as the world is changing around them.

It's part Aquaman, part Fraggle Rock. Or part Little Mermaid, part Smurfs, with a dash of The Lord of the Rings . . . underwater . . . with no rings? (Rings don't fit on webbed fingers.)

Characters are drawn in pencil, then the details are inked with Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens. Coloring is done in Manga EX. Backgrounds are done in water color pencils. Page layouts and image compositing and lettering is also done in Manga Studio.

My children approve each page before it is posted.

If you can't tell, I'm having a lot of fun with this.

~ Ben