Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Page 2

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Who is the Lollard?
What is a Lollard?

All will be revealed soon enough. Not soon, per se, but soon enough.

Again, I wish I could post more but I really don't want to lose my backlog of pages. I'm hoping that in this case, slow and steady wins the race. Because everyone knows that the truth is FAST and steady wins the race.

In other news, today this page went live as well as the 8th episode of the geek podcast I do with my friends and colleagues Jeremy Zehr and Steve MacDonald. The title of this episode, "Emo Snorks", comes from my mentioning of Broken Trident on the podcast. (Although, I'm not using either the podcast OR my website to push Broken Trident until there's more pages.) A friend of mine, though, responded to a Facebook post about Broken Trident. I called Broken Trident "part Fraggle Rock, part Dark Crystal . . . underwater" and my friend said, "Sooo, emo Snorks?" So, shout out to Scott for that one! You can get episode 8 here. Our podcast features some short sketches and discussions and interviews and all sorts of fun stuff.

~ Ben

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 1

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So this is the first real page of the comic. I hope you enjoy it . . . 

I'm very tempted to post more than just this page to let some of the story out faster, but I just think at this point it's better to keep those pages in reserve so I don't lose my buffer. So I'm taking the whole "slow burn" webcomic approach, and I hope you'll come along for the ride.
I'm a writer by trade, having been published by Marvel, Image, Zondervan, and a number of small press publishers. I'm doing this comic because I have a story to tell and want to have fun telling it. I've found that when I draw, I not only gain appreciation for artists, but I also gain perspective for my writing. Scripting a comic is, above all else, writing directions for someone else to follow, so when I take up pen and pencil (among other things) it's a chance for me to "walk a mile in the artist's shoes". I relish the opportunities to stretch and grow as a writer. And I recommend to comic book writers: even if you cannot draw, take the time to draw comic pages. You will learn so much from it. So, for Broken Trident, in a lot of ways you're seeing an exercise in writing . . . an exercise in writing that will hopefully allow me to grow as a writer . . . and an exercise in writing that will hopefully be a fun story for readers to follow.

To stay apprised of when new pages get posted, you can follow my Twitter account, Whisperingloon or you can "LIKE" my facebook "fan page". If you have any comments, please leave them below (keeping in mind, this is a family show folks) or drop me a line on Twitter! Thanks!

~ Ben

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prologue Title

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I thought a long time about the title of the prologue, and I think that, in all honesty, this is the best title for it. Not original, but the best. People who know me and my style and tastes will understand that I am a fan of circular storytelling -- storytelling that brings characters around full circle, but changed.

I'm not going to say much more than that regarding what this title means for the plot and characters, but I hope you're willing to take the circular trip with me . . .

~ Ben

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Broken Trident

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Hello. Welcome to Broken Trident, a webcomic that is part Aquaman, part Fraggle Rock. Or part Lord of the Rings, part Snorks. Or part sea monkeys, part Smurfs. How about part Creature from the Black Lagoon, part . . .

Do any of those descriptions help? I didn't think so. But this title page pretty much shows you what you're in for:

Broken Trident.

~ Ben